Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63 Is Supercar-Inspired Yacht With 3,945 HP (2024)

Jul 26, 2021 at 12:59pm ET

Chris Bruce

By: Giuliano Daniele

Translated by: Chris Bruce

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The Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is a yacht that brings the brand of the Bull to the waves. It's a very special machine, perhaps even more so than the Lambo Sian, which is the current pinnacle from the Bologna-based automaker.

Giuliano Daniele from Motor1.com's Italian editioncould not have imagined that after recently testing the Sian that would also have the opportunity to climb aboard theLamborghini 63 yacht, which also took inspiration from the new supercar. The boat came fromthe collaboration between Lamborghini and the shipyard The Italian Sea Group.

Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63 Is Supercar-Inspired Yacht With 3,945 HP (2)

To celebrate the year in which Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company, the two brands have worked together to create a limited edition of 63 units, as suggested by the number contained in the name of the watercraft. This also references the length of this boat – 63 feet (20.42 meters). The width of the yacht is 17 feet 9 inches (5.4 meters). The weight is 52,911 pounds (24,000 kilograms).The idea behind the Lamborghini 63 is to create a luxury yacht with performance typical of more compact boats.

Inside, the shapes, materials, and even the instrumentation faithfully reproduce the components used in the construction of Lamborghini vehicles. This similarity is evident both on the deck and in the lower area. Lambo'sAd Personam personalization program is even handling configuring the space for Lamborghini 63 yacht buyers.

Sian News:

⠀ $4 Million Lamborghini Sian Makes A Splash On London Streets

The performance also fits aLamborghini for the sea because it's thefastest boat within the Tecnomar fleet. Power comes from two, MAN 24-liter twin-turbo diesel engines making a total of 3,945 horsepower (2,942 kilowatts). To feed them, the fuel tank holds 951 gallons (3,600 liters).

The yacht's top speed is 60 knots (69.05 miles per hour or 111.1 kilometers per hour), and the cruise speed is 40 knots (46 mph or 74 kph). The total range is 210 nautical miles (241.7 miles or 388.9 kilometers).

Lamborghini Sian Yacht Tecnomar Lamborghini 63
Length 14.34 feet( 4.98 meters) 63 feet (20.42 meters)
Width 6.824 feet (2.08 meters) 17.7 feet (5.4 meters)
Engine Hybrid-Assisted V12 2 x V12 MAN twin-turbo diesel
Displacement 6.5 liters 2 x 24 liters
Horsepower 807 hp (602 kW) 3,945 hp (2,942 kW)
Specific Output 124 hp/liter 164 hp/liter
Max Speed 217 mph (350 kph) 69 mph (60 knots)
Cruising Speed N/A 46 mph (40 knots)
Range Estimated 286 miles (460 kilometers) 242 miles (389 kilometers)
Fuel Capacity 22.45 gallons (85 liters) 951 gallons (3,600 liters)
Fuel Consumption 18,5 liters/100 km 360 liters per hour
Price €3.0 million €3.1 million

The yacht's hull has skids that deflect the flow of water for generating lift that raises the body out of the water. Steps on the underside also help create lift by guiding the detachment of the water flow at high speed and allow air under the hull to add more lift anddecrease hydrodynamic resistance.

Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63 Is Supercar-Inspired Yacht With 3,945 HP (3)

In order to optimize performance during the planing phase, there are adjustable flaps that allow to vary the trim of the boat. This adjusts the yacht'sposition with respect to the water.

The roof haslarger dimensions than the structures that are usually used on boats of this type. The shape improves the craft's aerodynamics and provides shade for occupants.

The starting price of this Lamborghini yacht is just over €3 million ($3.55 million at current exchange rates). This isn't too much more than Lambo's €3 million asking price for the Sian.

If you could spend this amount of money to get a fancy like this, which of the two Lamborghinis would you choose?

Gallery: Lamborghini 63 Yacht


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Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63 Is Supercar-Inspired Yacht With 3,945 HP (2024)


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