Adele plots surprise career change after her Las Vegas residency finishes (2024)

ADELE wants to take a break from music following her Las Vegas residency — to complete an English Literature degree.

The singer, worth £150million, last night launched the video to her latest single I Drink Wine.





But during a fan Q&A in Los Angeles to promote the video she revealed she intends to focus on studying instead of making a new album as she regrets not going to university as a teenager.

She will kick off her Weekends With Adele residency next month after postponing it with just hours’ notice in January.

She said: “After Vegas I really want to get a degree in English Literature. If I hadn’t made it in my singing, I think I would definitely be a teacher. I think I’d be an English Lit teacher.

“I definitely feel like I use my passion of English Lit in what I do. But even though it’s not like I’d go on to get a job from my degree, I wish I had gone to university, I wish I’d had that experience.

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“I won’t go to a university, I’ll do it online and with a tutor, but that’s my plan for 2025. It’s just to get the qualifications.”

Adele, 34, topped the charts with her album 30 last November - her first record in six years - and I Drink Wine is its third single.

The video sees her floating down a river in the same gold sequinned dress which she wore to the Brit Awards in February.

It represents how her pals gave her booze to help her get over her split from her husband Simon Konecki, 48, in 2019.

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Adele explained: “They’d come and drink my sorrows away with me. It got to the point where I was like, ‘I can’t drink anymore, I’m not making any f***ing progress, I’m just drunk all the f***ing time’.

“It was medication when I was feeling like that, sadly.”

Adele is now in a relationship with sports agent Rich Paul, who she referred to as her “boyfriend” during the Q&A, dispelling rumours they had secretly wed.

While education is on the horizon she also has acting plans — as long as she doesn’t have to use her iconic voice.

She explained: “I’d love to act, I know what movie I want to do.

“I often get asked to do things that are music related, which I think is too obvious for me to do.”

She admitted she had got in touch with filmmaker Baz Luhrman, 60, after seeing his Elvis Presley biopic and hearing he was thinking of retiring.

She said: “I sent him a text saying, ‘I wish I was in this movie, please don’t retire, let me do something’.

“So maybe that kind of music thing, but I wouldn’t sing in it. I would act, but only one movie. I’d come, do one movie, nail it, and f**k off.”

Last month, Adele’s TV special One Night Only won an Emmy Award.

Following Grammy and Oscar wins for her music, it means she has now won three of the four major awards in the US, giving her EGO status — an acronym for the three ceremonies.

“But she doesn’t think she has what it takes to win a Tony Award, celebrating theatre, to become an EGOT - which only 17 people have achieved."

The Tottenham-born star joked: “I’m not a massive Broadway fan… I was wondering, do I just move the show from Vegas to Broadway and win a Tony?

"I actually prefer the sound of an EGO to an EGOT. EGO sounds fun.”

Adele revealed her son Angelo, ten, who she shares with charity entrepreneur Simon, has a better understanding of what she does after seeing her sold out performances at BST Hyde Park in London in July.

But she jokes he prefers Billie Eilish to her. She said: “He doesn’t rate me as a singer, f**k that.

“One time I was singing Happier Than Ever and he was like, ‘It just sounds better when Billie does it’.”

Speaking about her forthcoming Vegas residency which is due to run until mid-April, she said: “I’ve been in rehearsals for 12 hours a f***ing day, I’m sick and tired of anything musical.”


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But she adds that anyone hoping to see her on tour soon will be disappointed.

She lasted toured worldwide from 2016 to 2017 and she explained: “I have no plans right now to do a world tour just because, I know it was years ago, but I am still recovering from doing the last one.”





Adele plots surprise career change after her Las Vegas residency finishes (2024)


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